mercoledì 17 aprile 2013

MyWine has been a great success at Vinitaly, “MyWine the wine automatic dispenser”

Automatic wine dispensing machines: MyWyne, a wine cellar at your fingertips. Though unusual, dispensing wine through an automatic dispenser can really be considered as a strategic marketing initiative for the positioning in this sector.

Placed in department stores, nearby a winery or in other busy places, depending on your target country or nation, and thanks to an automated management system and a reduced maintenance, MyWine directly connects producers to clients. Businesses can develop new sales channels with low investments, while consumers can safely choose a high quality Italian product and save money, since the purchase price is not affected by transport and packaging costs.
The companythat has developed and manufactures this machine is T&T tradizione e tecnologia S.r.l., and according to the first tests that were carried out, the monthly mean of product dispensed amounted to over 1,500 litres a month and the wine used came from Italy only.
The technical solutions and the cutting edge control systems of the machine grant a state-of-the-art food safety and wine storage, allowing to dispense up to 99 types of wine. Refined and modern lines allow MyWine to fit perfectly well in any context, even because it can be customized to fully express and enhance the product dispensed. Automatic wine dispensing machines can be a great opportunity for various categories of companies, including wineries willing to add an independent commercial activity to their business, since they can offer their products to consumers directly, and department stores, which can use innovative sales channels to promote their products at a low price or enhance their brands through an environmentally-friendly trade, featuring a reducedwaste of resources, mainly because of the low cost of transport and bottle recycling.
As regards to the present status of the wine market, the latest data have shown a decrease in the world production by 6%, although consumption is increasing. Italy is the second world producer, just after France, with a production of 40.0 millionhectolitres in 2012, even though it should be highlighted that our production has decreased by about 6%. However, the situation is even worse for the first and the third world producers (France and Spain), since their production has decreased by 17% and 11% respectively.

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