sabato 18 aprile 2015

9 Places to Punch Your 2015 Kona Ticket

If you're chasing a dream to get the IRONMAN World Championship, it's not too late. If you've had a race not go as planned, or been derailed by illness and injury, register now for one of the following open races.

IRONMAN Texas: May 16 – The North American season opener and championship, this race takes in the rolling Texas countryside and features a unique canal swim. 75 slots available, charity entries only.

IRONMAN Lanzarote: May 23 – As tough as it is stunningly beautiful, one of IRONMAN's epic races. 40 slots available.

IRONMAN Brazil: May 31 – Discover the charm and tropical beauty of Florianopolis at the Latin American Championship. 50 slots available, charity entries only.

IRONMAN Cairns: June 14 – A tropical paradise featuring one of triathlon's most spectacular bike courses. 40 slots available.

IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene: June 28th – A classic race with beautiful scenery and fresh, clean water. 50 slots available.

IRONMAN Switzerland: July 19th – Set in the heart of one of Europe's most beautiful countries, the course showcases Zurich's picturesque lake and countryside. 50 slots available.

IRONMAN UK: July 19th – Take in the incredible Lancashire scenery and a finish line in the heart of historic Bolton. 50 slots available, charity entries only.

IRONMAN Canada: July 26th – One of the last qualifying races for the 2015 IRONMAN World Championship. 50 slots available.

IRONMAN Lake Placid: July 26th – The first full distance IRONMAN race held on the mainland United States. 50 slots available, charity entries only.

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